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Learning about Game Development from the Nook Team

Have you ever wanted to bring to life your artistic or training project to make ut more interesting and informative? There are various techniques, usually involving single elements but it can be a huge challenge to come up with a way to synchronize all the moving parts of your build. The Nook Team from Nara’s […]

Marcel Mosswood & a Safe Metaverse for Youth

Marcel Mosswood discovered Second Life and Open Simulator in the same year, 2009. She was looking for a way to use the metaverse for education and collaboration. Her goal was to create a safe space in the metaverse for teaching children, from first grade to high school level. Public grids were not the ideal place […]

Smooth Moves from Kelso Uxlay

Kelso Uxlay will be speaking at the OSCC this year. His presentation is titled ‘The art of smoothly moving objects in Opensim’. The subject matter will be both entertaining and very useful if you enjoy animating your builds in opensim. “Although the talk is about the power of a particular scripting function, the presentation itself […]

Practical and Pleasing – the OSCC Keynote Regions

Every year, delegates flock to the Open Simulator Community Conference grid, for a weekend of information and innovation, in a very special space. The presentations are very useful, of course, but this event also offers a great opportunity in terms of your personal links with the community. You can reconnect with friends you may have […]

Nyx Breen Featured at this year’s OSCC

The Sky’s the Limit ! Photographer and virtual builder Nyx Breen will be participating in this year’s Open Simulator Community Conference. The theme of his talk will have you looking up! Titled “Expanding Virtual Experiences with EEP creations”, the focus of his presentation will be the use of EEPs. ‘EEP’ stands for Environmental Enhancement Project, […]

Grid Management Techniques with Lone Wolf

This is the first time Lone Wolf has presented at the OSCC, and his talk “OpenSim on a Bigger Scale” will explore important issues for all grid owners – size and reliability. Wolf Territories grid is a relative newcomer in Opensim, but it is fast becoming one of the largest, and has a reputation for […]

OpenSimulator Community Conference – Call for Proposals for OSCC22

Our OpenSimulator Community Conference – Call for Proposals is open! We invite you to present at #OSCC22. The Organizing Committee and I are looking forward to a great conference on Dec 10-11, 2022. We’re interested in your wonderful content, insights, and accomplishments. We hope that you can join us for our 10th year celebrating the […]

Announcing the 9th Annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2021

Announcing the 9th Annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2021 October 15, 2021 – AvaCon is delighted to announce the ninth annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2021 (http://conference.opensimulator.org) to take place virtually on the OpenSimulator Conference Center grid on December 11-12, 2021.  The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community […]