Nyx Breen Featured at this year’s OSCC

The Sky’s the Limit ! Photographer and virtual builder Nyx Breen will be participating in this year’s Open Simulator Community Conference.

The theme of his talk will have you looking up! Titled “Expanding Virtual Experiences with EEP creations”, the focus of his presentation will be the use of EEPs. ‘EEP’ stands for Environmental Enhancement Project, the next step on from the old Windlight settings.

Nyx Breen: “EEP is a great creative tool because it’s one of the last unexplored artistic possibilities for creators in Virtual Worlds. Individuals can create an environment that enhances the theme or mood of their creation or stand alone as the arbitrator of their desired perception of what the effect can be. Half of what you see on your screen is sky and water; leaving this massive creative possibility unutilized in artistic ways seems like a waste of developing a fully immersive virtual experience.”

Known for his giant builds, with spectacular abstract visuals, Nyx Breen will be explaining how manipulating the Environment on a region can dramatically change the appearance of a build. It can also become an integral and customizable part of the artist’s palette. Working with EEP settings may at first seem challenging, but with guidance from Nyx, the audience will see how this feature can enrich their world, without adding lag or prims.

This is the second year that Nyx has participated at the OSCC. What motivated him to sign up?
Nyx Breen: “OSCC allows an individual to interact, inform, and learn about many subjects that are unique to virtual experiences. With far-reaching talents, professionalism, and multi-subject knowledge, the group is unique in Virtual Worlds. The ability to collaborate and disseminate techniques and skills is greatly enhanced when participating with the group. The likelihood of the lessons learned at the OSCC being understood, applied, and developed across virtual worlds is greater than the effect it would have if just an individual or single grid were messaging it.”