Smooth Moves from Kelso Uxlay

Kelso Uxlay will be speaking at the OSCC this year. His presentation is titled ‘The art of smoothly moving objects in Opensim’. The subject matter will be both entertaining and very useful if you enjoy animating your builds in opensim.

“Although the talk is about the power of a particular scripting function, the presentation itself is definitively intended for a non-technical audience,” Kelso explains. “Its most interesting portion consists in a showcase demonstration of scripted moving objects, some of them exhibiting spectacular effects. “Ordinary people” will benefit from learning and seeing what is possible. Perhaps some of them will be encouraged to develop their own scripting skills.”

Kelso first started to be active in SL in 2010, and in OpenSimulator two years later. “From the beginning I had an interest in scripting,” he reports, “but it was only after Dabici Straulino and I established our own grid Creanovale in 2014 that I seriously began to develop my proficiency in LSL scripting. From my previous professional life, I was already thoroughly familiar with SQL scripting in large online biodiversity database systems. Learning LSL was therefore a relatively easy move for me.”

Kelso participated in the foreign language event Hypergrid International Expo in October, and where he gave a version of this presentation in French. Says Kelso, “I saw OSCC as a nice opportunity to improve it based on comments received, and to reach a different audience. I think that people who saw the previous presentation will note the enhancements.” We will all learn a lot from this talk no doubt.

The art of smoothly moving objects in Opensim – Saturday 9 December at 8:30am PST