Behind the Scenes at the OSCC

It’s said that speaking in public is one of the most feared activities of all time. Yet, every year, the Opensim Community Conference brings together a band of fascinating people who share with us their stories, discoveries, ideas and projects. That’s quite a feat! To accomplish this takes a lot of time and trouble behind the scenes! The team from Avacon organizes training opportunities for all the lecturers, explaining how to use the special HUD for presenting, and going through small but essential technical details that will make it easier for them to connect with their audience, and to feel a bit more at home up on the stage.

These sessions are carefully organized using a slideshow so that each speaker can see exactly what is expected from them. This is also a great time to ask questions and gain familiarity with the conference setup, which can seem a bit daunting at first.

Some might assume that to give a talk at the conference, you just park your avatar on the stage and turn on Voice. Not at all! The audio portion of the conference is actually recorded via Skype and then broadcast or ‘streamed’ into the regions, in the same way that you would normally listen to music on a region. using this method guarantees a much higher quality of sound than you would get using inworld Voice, and makes it possible for people on all four regions to hear what is going on.

Giving a talk for the opensim community is, then, a bit of a challenge, but by working with the team, with plenty of support and encouragement, it’s a rewarding one. Have you a story to tell? Make sure you don’t miss this years event and then, why not consider signing up for next year’s event?