Firestorm viewer rollback

On December 6 the developers of the Firestorm viewer published an article titled Woops! indicating that Firestorm version 6.6.16 has a significant bug in the built-in Animation Overrider (AO). If you are using this latest version, the developers recommend rolling back to version 6.6.14 which can be found from this page:

OSCC organizers have included more information on the Login Info page.

The viewer software is one three pillars of our virtual worlds, with the server software being another and internet connectivity being the third. While there are several alternative viewers to use with OpenSimulator, Firestorm is the favorite of many users.

If you are motivated, spend some time on the websites of the OpenSimulator viewers and let them know how much our community appreciates and depends upon them.

Here is a list of viewers from the official OpenSimulator website: