Grid Management Techniques with Lone Wolf

This is the first time Lone Wolf has presented at the OSCC, and his talk “OpenSim on a Bigger Scale” will explore important issues for all grid owners – size and reliability. Wolf Territories grid is a relative newcomer in Opensim, but it is fast becoming one of the largest, and has a reputation for reliability and flexibility. The Wolf Territories website puts many controls in the hands of its residents, from automatic terraforming to region name change.

With the equivalent of 1.7 million kilometers of land on his grid, Lone Wolf has had to face numerous challenges, and come up with innovative techniques to keep his grid running smoothly. He shares his experience with us in this talk. “I’m going to be giving a little bit of the history of the grid, some tech talk, and also some hints about things to watch out for when building an opensim grid,” he says.

Lone Wolf Saturday 09 December at 1.30pm SLT