december, 2019

15dec7:30 am8:20 amFeaturedEchoVoice for OpenSimulatorLisa Laxton & Frank Rulof7:30 am - 8:20 am


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Presentation Abstract: This presentation from Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA) and Thales Group discusses progress towards improving open source code used in a self-hosted secure voice solution called EchoVoice. This is an alternative to ViVox which is commonly used for voice communication between avatars in OpenSimulator regions. The discussion is focused on the development work done to provide a modernized solution for HyperGrid-enabled regions as well as planned enhancements not currently available. The work of IMA and Thales is in general directed toward broadening use of the Metaverse for Public, Education, Industry and Government sectors but the community as a whole benefits from open source.

Target Audience & Outcomes: Participants from the OpenSimulator Community at large will learn about enhancements, features, and improvements IMA and Thales are working on together to deliver an open source solution that meets the needs of a broader OpenSim


(Sunday) 7:30 am - 8:20 am


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Speakers for this event

  • Frank Rulof

    Frank Rulof

    Senior Systems Engineer / Thales Netherlands

    Frank Rulof is a Senior Systems Engineer at Thales Netherlands with expertise areas in Training & Simulation. He is leading the research and innovation activities related to Open Simulator technology within the Thales Global Company using multiple Open Simulator grids focused on user needs.

    Senior Systems Engineer / Thales Netherlands

  • Lisa Laxton

    Lisa Laxton

    R&D, CEO Infinite Metaverse Alliance

    Lisa Laxton is the R&D Visionary and CEO of the OpenSimulator community focused Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA). She is also President of Laxton Consulting LLC with experience providing various virtual world technology solutions for education, research, business, and defense clients. You may have seen her around the HyperGrid as Shelenn Ayres busy building content or engaged in testing but she is available via meetings to anyone in the Open Simulator community interested in collaborating to advance virtual worlds technology and/or to improve accessibility.


    R&D, CEO Infinite Metaverse Alliance

  • Natacha Bru

    Natacha Bru

    Engineering Student / CPE Lyon, France

    Natacha Bru is an engineering student at CPE Lyon (France), specialized in network architecture and cyber-security. She works as an intern at Thales NL and has been charged to review the SceneGate viewer security issues.

    Engineering Student / CPE Lyon, France

  • Troy Schultz / Seth Nygard

    Troy Schultz / Seth Nygard

    CTO & Developer

    Troy Schultz (Seth Nygard) is a multi-discipline developer with 30+ years experience in real-time systems for industrial, automotive, and other critical environments. He has worked in the roles of Senior Hardware Designer, Senior Systems Administrator, Engineering Manager, and Chief Technology Officer at various companies and was the owner/operator of Refuge Grid. Combining a keen interest in virtual worlds with his professional experiences he has been an active builder, tester, and developer using Open Simulator.

    CTO & Developer

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