The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community creating the OpenSimulator software. Organized as a joint production by Core Developers of OpenSimuator and AvaCon, the virtual conference features presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base.

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OpenSimulator Community Conference – Dec 10-11, 2016.

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OSCC16 – Note About Watching Video Inworld

Dear Attendees/Speakers, OpenSim Viewer technology and Web…

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OSCC Track Room

Announcing the 4th Annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2016

AvaCon is pleased to announce the fourth annual OpenSimulator…


Rockcliffe University


Lyr Lobo
Pathfinder Lester
Fred Beckhusen
Rameshsharma Ramloll
Delightful Doowangle
OSgrid Inc.
Leighton Marjoram
Serene Jewell
A Dimension Beyond, Inc.
tezman banx
The Learn English Network
Evalyn J. Gossett
Ai Austin
3DLES Education
Esparanza Freese
Rina Familia
Donna Eason
cyberserenity Vella
Rachel Gloedu
Dabici Straulino
Emil Jannings
Kayaker Magic
Seren Seraph

strannik zipper
Dr. Connie Lantz (aka Koni Lanzius)
Avia Bonne
Monash University
James Braman
Erik (Apollo Manga) Bainbridge
albertlr Landar
Ange Mengeq
Open Minds Entertainment Inc.
Cheops Forlife
Angel Legendary
Gregg Legendary
Casias Falta
JP Collection Yachts
Lannorra Sion
AgileBill Krebs
The Vesuvius Group
DJ Welles
Kelso Uxlay
Sunbeam Magic
Speculoos, Belgian cookie grid

Merrie Schonbach-Sinewave space
Marstol Nitely
Ghostraven Professional Attire
Ann Cudworth Projects
Terri Worman
Michelina Occhioni
Matilda Charron
Opensim Virtual G+ Community
Eldovar Lamilton
Virtual Whole Brain Health
Merle Hearns
Jahsun Manhattan
Christopher Colosi, Gloebit
Riven Homewood
Ruby O’Degee
Robert Adams
JJ Drinkwater
John Hopkin