Community Social Event Sign-Up

Members of the OpenSimulator community are invited to schedule community social events on other grids the week before the conference and after the OSCC19 conference activities by completing the sign-up form below. We’ll help publicize and list your event so conference attendees can see all the terrific things OpenSimulator has to offer!

Community social events can be scheduled the week before the conference, on Saturday 12/14/19 after 6PM PST, on Sunday 12/15/19, or the week after the conference!  

There will also be limited available space on the OSCC conference grid for those who would like to host an OSCC meetup or unconference event on Sunday 12/15/19. Please contact us with questions.

Please enter the name of your social, mixer, party, reception or other event. i.e. Educators Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting
Please describe your event in 2-3 sentences. This is the text that will be posted as the description on the schedule and conference website.
Please provide the First and Last Real Life name of the Event Organizer.
Ideally this will be the phone number where the Event Organizer can be reached during the event. Please include Country Code and Area Code.
You must choose a date preceding OSCC scheduled events on Saturday, 12/14/19, or after scheduled events end on Sunday 12/15/19 to host a community event!
What time will your event begin? Please list the time in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and note that Social Events can start no earlier than 6:00 PM PDT, during conference days.
What time will your event end? Please list the time in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
What is the maturity rating of your event and/or location where the event will be held? Events designated as General should not advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity. Sexually-oriented objects or poseballs should not be located or sold at General events. Events for Mature Audiences might include dance clubs, bars, stores and malls, galleries, music venues, beaches, parks, and other spaces for socializing, creating, and learning where occasional mature topics may arise. Events that include content that is sexually explicit, intensely violent, or depicts illicit drug use should be marked as Adult.
On what grid will the Event be held?
What is the main website URL of the grid where the event will be held?
Is the grid where the event will be held HyperGrid enabled?
What is the HyperGrid URL of the destination?
What are the region coordinates where the event will be held? Please note that the OpenSimulator Community Conference grid is in the 9000, 9000 range.
If an attendee does not have an account on the grid where the event is to be held, or cannot HyperGrid jump to the event, what is the address of the site where they can create an account? Please provide a URL directly to the account creation page if possible.
What is the name of the region where the event will be held?
What are the map coordinates where the event will be held?
What is the name of the parcel or venue where the event will be held?
Please provide any additional instructions attendees may need to know to access your grid, venue, or event.
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