Calling all OpenSimulator avatars!! A special large-scale load test of the conference grid is scheduled for today Saturday, December 7 at 12PM PST.

We need members of the community to help push the conference grid to its limits to test the capacity and performance of the updated simulator software to OpenSimulator 0.9.1 and hardware prior to the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference!

Anyone interested in the conference or the OpenSimulator software is welcome to participate in the load test by logging in with a local OSCC Conference Grid account or making a jump from any other hypergrid enabled OpenSimulator grid. The OpenSimulator Community Conference Hypergrid Address:

For the purposes of this load test, feel free to log in with multiple avatars, but please do not use bots, pcampbots, or other various libomv based viewers since we are trying to test the conference grid under conditions as close to the actual conference as possible. We recommend a Third Party Viewer that can support voice and mesh, such as Firestorm

If you already have an account on another OpenSimulator grid that is hypergrid enabled, here are the steps to participate in the load test:

1. Log into your account on your hypergrid enabled grid.
2. Open your map and search for the following destination:
3. The map search should locate the destination region on the map, then click the Teleport button. Once in the grid, map should you local regions and you can type in “OSCC” to find Keynote and other regions.

The grid test will predominantly be in the OSCC Keynote regions, and will be DJ’d by Rosa Alekseev!

Thanks in advance for your help and we look forward to seeing a big crowd on Saturday!