OpenSimulator WordPress Interface with w4os

Web registration, users and grid management : few solutions, fewer actively maintained, and the easiest of them do not allow mixing an efficient management solution with a rich website. OpenSimulator integration with WordPress seems to be the way to go. The way for us. Oh, wait… yes, that’s it: the W4OS.

W4OS is a WordPress plugin for OpenSimulator grid management. It allows users to register for an avatar and choose a starting outfit. It also provides a web assets server, useful shortcodes, Gutenberg blocs and Divi modules, grid info, grid status, avatar models, public web profiles, in-world search engine…


Dec 09 2023


8:00 am - 8:30 am




Keynote Auditorium


  • Gudule Lapointe (Poster Booth #14)
    Gudule Lapointe (Poster Booth #14)

    Gudule Lapointe is founder and public face of Speculoos World. Born in 2006 on Second Life, she boarded the OpenSimulator experience and created Speculoos World grid in 2011. She developed or contributed to several complimentary solutions for OpenSim grid, like 2do HypEvents, Teleport boards, flexible helper scripts, Debian installation helpers. Currently, she is mostly involved in the developement of W4OS, the OpenSimulator WordPress Interface.

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