The art of smoothly moving objects in Opensim

Intended for a general audience, this showcase presentation will demonstrate several examples of how the scripting function llSetKeyframedMotion() can be used to smoothly move objects in Opensim without need for a timer event. More experienced scripters might also learn something new as two little known, barely documented, features of the KFM function will be highlighted.


Dec 09 2023


8:30 am - 9:00 am




Keynote Auditorium


  • Kelso Uxlay (Poster Booth #23)
    Kelso Uxlay (Poster Booth #23)

    Kelso Uxlay started to explore virtual worlds via Second Life thanks to his RL partner known inworld as Dabici Straulino. Today, they share a grid that re-creates changing seasons of eastern Canada: the snowy winter, the greenery of the spring, the hot summer, and the colorful autumn. While Dabici focusses on landscape design, sound ambiance and construction, Kelso puts magics in the builds via scripting.

    Co-owner (with Dabici Straulino) of CreaNovale grid:
    Seasonal region Novale:
    Groupe Francophone:”

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