Art Blue’s Amerika Art UPLIFT

This premiered on META, Sunday, at the OSCC. We are holding one more time, on Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 12 pm Pacific at Craft World. Please use sandbox. For more information, please view our webpage: Amerika.World. We look forward to sharing this encore presentation with you.

How to attend

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  • Amerika Sandbox

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Event Time: 12pm PST


Dec 15 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Community Event


  • Kisma Reidling / Juliette SurrealDreaming
    Kisma Reidling / Juliette SurrealDreaming

    Kisma shares her experience from a totally real life based painter to an art teacher using Zoom and now using the Metaverse. Learn the trials and outcomes she has gone through over the last 19 months in virtual art communities and how being a non-digital artist has impacted her full acceptance as a virtual artist, how do we overcome such a bias?

  • Reiner Schneeberger/ Art Blue
    Reiner Schneeberger/ Art Blue

    Art Blue is known for being an artist and art curator. His bio you find at

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