Virtual world use examples in the multiverse and metaverse for BPO and corporate applications

This presentation will be an overview of business process outsourcing BPO of virtual worlds in the multiverse and metaverse and companies not prepared will lose out on prime opportunities. All stakeholders in corporate entities, from customers to employees, to investors, that will be involved in the future of immersive technologies such as the metaverse would benefit from this overview. From customer experience, shopping, and virtual support, to talent acquisition such as job fairs, virtual employment, distance training, team development, and more, we are quickly approaching a time when technology and demand will fuse to create quality human interactions in the multiverse. The presentation will highlight concrete examples of what is currently available. OpenSimulator and the multiverse is an essential parts of any company’s business strategy if they want to be first movers in the metaverse.


Dec 10 2022


4:00 pm - 4:30 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • zz Salie Davis
    zz Salie Davis

    With degrees in creative marking, media communications, and teaching and learning in emerging technologies, Salie Davis has worked for a global leader in the BPO industry for over 11 years working virtually in customer service, training, technical support, operations management, and recruiting. Prior experience included designing and implementing curricula for students that focused on technology and virtual resources.

    Currently, her involvement in virtual worlds is primarily to support the open-source community through the creation of content and offering knowledge-based support. She speaks regularly at in-world events and other venues introducing people to the benefits and opportunities within virtual worlds. She creates support videos and maintains several websites and blogs that highlight her in-world experiences.

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