Learn coding with Eureka LSL Blocks for Opensimulator

Learning to code with block programming is a great way to get started with programming, especially if you’re new to coding or want to introduce programming to children or beginners. Block programming uses visual blocks or puzzle-like pieces to represent code concepts, making it more accessible and less intimidating than traditional text-based coding. Here are some popular block programming platforms and tips for getting started:Learning cooding.
Open the Block Cooding option in Opensimulator will open the opportunity to 5th to 9th grade learning basic cooding with open simulator.


Dec 10 2023


10:00 am - 10:30 am




Keynote Auditorium


  • Ori Shapira / Turh Zane (Poster Booth #15)
    Ori Shapira / Turh Zane (Poster Booth #15)

    Ori Shapira is a High-tech entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in educational technologies and
    14 years of research and development of virtual worlds CEO and co founder of Eureka World. 3D3C platform for learning, teaching and training

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