An immersive world for advanced speaking in English

This virtual world called Englehaven includes 10 units of study where students work individually, with NPCs, in pairs, in groups and with real teachers. The course incorporates many examples of gamification and in order to raise the students’ level of English cue cards are used throughout. The students practice their English in real situations both formal and informal giving an elevator pitch, taking part in debates and ultimately giving a TED talk to a large audience.


Dec 10 2023


9:30 am - 10:00 am




Keynote Auditorium


  • Elaine Hoter (Poster Booth #17)
    Elaine Hoter (Poster Booth #17)

    “Dr. Elaine Hoter is a trailblazer in collaborative online teaching, with over 25 years of experience in the field. A senior lecturer at Talpiot College in Holon, she taught an online collaborative course in 1995, organized and led the first-ever International online Teachers Conference in 2001, and co-founded the TEC Center (Education Technology and Social Diversity) in 2005. She has developed 20 virtual worlds, including two MOOCs on EdX which include virtual worlds: one an advanced spoken English course (B2 level) and the other is in Intercultural Education in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

    Dr. Hoter’s contributions to the field of education and research have been recognized globally, as she has given lectures and workshops on all continents. She is a Fulbright graduate and is known for her innovative approach to teaching, which focuses on creating inclusive and diverse learning environments. Her work has had a significant impact on the way educators around the world approach online teaching and learning.”

  • Jeremy Finkelstein
    Jeremy Finkelstein
    Virtual World Development, Website and Database Development

    Jeremy has been developing Virtual World environments for education since 2006 and developing websites since 2001. His Virtual World projects include: Israel Island, TEC Island (for TEC), Mega-Cities (for CET Israel), MOOC Island (for Talpiot College), Spaces (for CET Israel), Paramedic Training Simulations (for Magen David Adom), Ipcha Island (for Ipcha, Israel), Beit Berl Island (for Beit Berl College), Kadima Island and many others. He specializes in creating interactive environments designed to assist and further the educational process with fun and immersive content.

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