Looking for Art Contributions at #OSCC18

The OpenSimulator Community Conference is back again, December 8th and 9th. We are looking for artists to Contribute art with us to showcase and to freely share with the community. These artworks will be placed on our Landing Regions and Expo Regions and possibly in the Keynote Regions. We will encourage participants to tour the artworks and make those that are either Public Domain Dedication or Creative Commons Attribution available for OSCC attendees to pick up a copy for their own regions.

We invite Artists to submit Photos of Artwork that they would like to Submit for consideration. These works can be static or Kinetic.

Multiple submissions are welcome!

We have some criteria
Size: Fits in 5m x 5m x 7.5m (height)
No timers
No Scanning
Distribution by Copy or by box
No Logos
Keep Resources in consideration.
Polygons Counts up to 25k

Email opensim@avacon.org if you are interested in submitting art to be displayed and shared at #OSCC18. Please include a photo or sketch, description, and any other details about your work and we will follow up about your art.