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  1. […] Douglas Maxwell is a keynote speaker at the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference, Sunday, September 08, 10:10am EDT (07:10amPDT). This keynote panel will feature highlights from three innovative real world applications of OpenSimulator. Douglas Maxwell will discuss the Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES) project and the US Army’s efforts to develop a a completely independent, persistent virtual world, running in an enclaved network and capable of multiple levels of secured processing for military simulations. http://conference.opensimulator.org/2013/schedule/ […]

  2. […] Ilan Tochner who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely mentions in this week’s Kitely Mentors Group Meeting that the Kitely Market will be open for business prior to 7th-8th September 2013. More details will be announced during the first OpenSim conference. […]

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