Welcome to the first day of the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013!

Use the hashtag #OSCC13!

Conference Schedule

We have an exciting program lined up, with great keynote presentations, breakout sessions, social events, and plenty of Expo regions to explore, and we look forward to seeing you in-world on the conference grid over the next two days!  Explore the full Conference Schedule online or check the Map & Schedule kiosks when you get in-world.

Connecting to the Conference Grid

Registered speakers, sponsors, staff, and attendees can download the OSCC Viewer and log into the conference grid with the username and password that was emailed to the address you used when you registered.  If you requested a local account and have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password link, otherwise review the Login Instructions to connect to the grid and start exploring the conference venue.

When you log into the conference grid for the first time, be sure to accept the Terms of Service pop up or you will be disconnected from the grid in 10 minutes!  If you miss the pop up, you may need to teleport to another region to trigger the notice again.

OSCC Zone Groups Access

When you log in, you will land on your designated Landing Zone region 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Check the rotating banner in your Landing Zone to see the corresponding Keynote region that you should use for keynote presentations.  You will only be able to access the Keynote region that matches your Landing Zone unless you are a presenter.  See the Online Map for an overhead view of the conference grid.

Landing Zone Regions

The Landing Zone regions are social areas with plenty of great places to explore.  Be sure to check out the Clothing Shop to customize your avatar, or take a quick trip to the HyperGrid Hub and use the portals to visit our Sponsors’ grids for even more shopping and exploring.  Just be sure to make it back to the conference grid in time for the program!  The Landing Zone regions also contain an Overflow Video area for viewing the conference streams if the Breakout Zones fill up and you can’t get in.

Breakout Zones and Keynote Regions

When you arrive at a Breakout Zone or Keynote region please sit in a chair ASAP during the sessions!  The conference grid will perform best if everyone takes a seat in the presentation areas.  All of the conference presentations will take place in the Breakout Zones and Keynote regions via parcel streaming media.  In-world voice will be disabled in those areas, so please use text chat for socializing, networking, and asking questions of the speakers.

Expo Zones

The conference would not have been possible without the financial support of our Sponsors, so please be sure to visit their exhibits and booths in the Expo Zones to thank them for sponsoring the conference!  Explore six regions of terrific booths and fun activities provided by our sponsors – and invite your friends who didn’t get a conference ticket!  The Expo Zones are open to public hypergrid visitors!

Technical Difficulties

Although we hope everything goes smoothly, it is always possible for there to be technical difficulties during the conference program.  If this happens, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to resolve the issue.  If you are disconnected from the grid, please wait a moment or two, check the conference Twitter stream @opensimcc for updated information, and then try to log back in.  We will do our best to resolve issues quickly and stick to the conference schedule.  No matter what happens, we’re sure the day will hold plenty of surprises!

A tremendous thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, volunteer staff, streaming team, and attendees!  We hope you enjoy the conference program and we’ll look forward to seeing you in-world!