Community Sponsor Expo Zone

Community Sponsor Expo Zone

A quick update on the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013 planning since we’re now less than a month away!

Many of you involved with the community have put in proposals to be speakers, and hopefully you’ve received a confirmation email with the scheduled date, time, and location for your presentation.  If you put in a proposal and didn’t yet receive a confirmation, don’t panic!  There are a handful of folks that we’re still trying to sort on the schedule due to various time constraints, so we still have a few confirmations pending.  You should get something soon, we promise.  😉

We’d also like to thank everyone who has signed up as a sponsor!  A friendly reminder that the deadline for all sponsor artwork and builds is 8/15, so if you haven’t gotten started yet, now’s the time to do it.  Submit your logo artwork and be sure to review the Expo Booth Building Guidelines.

This is also the last chance for anyone who wants to be a founding sponsor of the conference to sign up, so if you’re on the fence, please do take a look at our Call for Sponsors page.  The community sponsorships are as low as $50, and all proceeds go towards the cost of the conference grid and web services needed to run the event.  We’re still short on our estimated budget, so every bit helps and the sponsorships are tax deductible for US residents and companies, too!

We also desperately need more volunteers for the Greeter, Moderator, and Streaming teams.  Our goal is to stream and archive every session of the conference, but if we don’t have enough people to help do that, we’ll be forced to pick and choose which sessions to stream.  As a bonus, volunteers get an in-world ticket to the conference, so you can hang out and enjoy the rest of the event after your volunteer shift is over!  Please do sign up to help volunteer if you can, we really appreciate the help!

Last but not least, the Social Events schedule is starting to get sign-ups, but there’s plenty of slots still open.  This is a great way for you to showcase your grid or projects if you don’t feel like doing a formal presentation.  Just sign up to host a social event on your own grid and after the day’s breakout sessions are over, conference attendees can come visit and check out your space!

Our many, many thanks to all of you who are already helping with the conference, whether you’re load testing, bug fixing, building, speaking, sponsoring, or helping in some other way, this is shaping up to be an awesome event!

Thanks and more to come soon as we start finalizing the schedule..