VIP Event: Opensimulator Core Developers Q&A

This is a special session for #OSCC21 speakers, crowdfunders, and volunteers to be able to ask questions of several developers of the OpenSimulator platform


Dec 11 2021


11:45 am - 12:15 pm


OS Developers


Developers Lecture Hall


  • Crista Lopes
    Crista Lopes
    University of California Irvine, Professor & OpenSimulator Core Developer

    Crista Lopes (Diva Canto) is a professor within the Department of Informatics, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California Irvine ( and a core OpenSimulator developer.

  • Kevin Cozens / Andrew Hellershanks
    Kevin Cozens / Andrew Hellershanks
    OpenSimulator Core Developer

    Kevin has been coding for open-source projects since 1992 including being a member of the OpenSimulator Core Developer team since March of 2014, and created, or maintains several add-on modules including the OpenSimSearch (, OpenSimProfile (, and OpenSimMutelist ( modules which are used with the Open Simulator project. You can also find him reporting bugs, bug triaging, updating the OpenImulator project wiki pages, and helping users via IRC or the mailing list. Kevin also runs the OpenSimulator developer meetings held weekly in OSgrid ( You can view his code contributions: or support him by becoming a Patreon donor to the work he does on open-source code projects:

  • Melanie Milland
    Melanie Milland
    OpenSimulator Core Developer

    As an OpenSimulator Core Developer, Melanie has been one of the most active contributors to virtual world software in general, and OpenSimulator in particular. As her avatar “Melanie Milland”, she was a long-time Second Life™ resident and gained much experience in using virtual worlds. Melanie has been involved in a number of virtual world projects including creating, with a team of up to 12 developers, her own “spin” of the OpenSimulator software which powered the Avination Grid. Much of the grid’s code, when shared back to the core code, was the base for many of the new OpenSimulator 0.9 update features.

  • Ubit Umarov
    Ubit Umarov
    OpenSimulator Core Developer

    Ubit is currently a lead Core Developer for OpenSimulator who has been working on the project since 2012. He was instrumental in coding and implementing into the OpenSimulator codebase many of the updates that were part of the OpenSimulator 0.9 update and developing many of the OpenSimulator 0.9.1 and upcoming releases. View his code contributions online: and please support this key developer by donating to him directly:

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