Creativity & Writers’ Panel

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Moderated by Maria Korolov

Expected panelists

Ann Cudworth

Cynthia Cologne / Lyr Lobo



Dec 11 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Cynthia Calongne / Lyr Lobo (Poster Booth #3)
    Cynthia Calongne / Lyr Lobo (Poster Booth #3)
    OSCC Co-Chair, Professor

    Lyr is a Professor at Parker University in Dallas, Texas and a VR researcher. Since 2005, she taught 54 university classes in virtual worlds and mentored 800+ 13-year-old students. Her team won the $25,000 Grand Prize for their space simulation and she received the Thinkerer Award for her passion for virtual world education. She loves OpenSimulator and is proud to be a member of the OSCC Organizing Committee.

  • Maria Korolov
    Maria Korolov

    Maria Korolov is a published author and covers artificial intelligence for CIO magazine and cybersecurity for CSO online. She is also the editor of Hypergrid Business since 2009. During her twenty years as a journalist, she’s run a business news bureau in Shanghai, covered wars in the former Soviet Union, and wrote about local politics for the Chicago Tribune.

  • zz Ann Cudworth / Annbelle Fanshaw
    zz Ann Cudworth / Annbelle Fanshaw

    In her bones, Ann Cudworth is a storyteller.
    Her 3D design work encompasses set design for television/film productions, game design for virtual worlds, and experiential environments- both virtual and real.
    She is a multiple Emmy Award winner for Set Design in the News and Documentary category.
    Ann Cudworth is the author of two textbooks: Virtual World Design and Extending Virtual Worlds: Advanced Design for Virtual Environments, both available on Amazon.
    Her short stories have been published in Metaphorosis, Score Anthology, Exterus, and Sci-Fi Lampoon. She just finished her first novel- The Woman Who Walked Around the Moon- under her pen name- A C Worth.
    When she isn’t writing or trying to learn French, Ann can be found bombing down the country lanes in New Hampshire on her e-bike.

  • zz Dauna Kiser / Ghaelen D'Lareh
    zz Dauna Kiser / Ghaelen D'Lareh

    Ghaelen D’Lareh (aka Dauna Kiser) is an educator, historian, artist, radio broadcaster, storyteller, and virtual world builder. She is the Executive Director of the Ageless Mind Project, the mother organization of Whole Brain Health in Second LIfe and Virtual Learning Village grid in the Opensimulator Metaverse.

    She began her experience with virtual worlds in 2004 in the online game, URU. The rich, historical storyline and the global, international community showed her at once the potential for using virtual immersive worlds for teaching and storytelling. Since 2005, she has explored a variety of virtual platforms and has built prototypes of immersive environments for professional development using different platforms. She also builds settings for internet radio-to-virtual world events she has hosted in Second Life and Sinespace. Currently, she is developing a digital web- and world-based presence for the Ageless Mind Project around the Metaverse.

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