The Open Metaverse Research Group

In light of the past few years sad performace by the VW/VR industry and community continuing with the same tired walled garden business models, the OMRG was formed by a group of OpenSim users with experience in other VW and metaverse platforms to develop proposals to solve the true outstanding issues that we feel are hindering a true open metaverse from being developed.


Dec 10 2023


1:30 pm - 2:00 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Michael Lorrey / Mike Lorrey
    Michael Lorrey / Mike Lorrey

    Mike Lorrey has a long history in Virtual Worlds and VR. As an editor of cyberpunk author Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver Metaweb wiki, and an early participant in Blaxxun, he has been affiliated with the Extropy Institute transhumanist futurist think tank, developing proposals and solutions for many technology based problems foreseen by the organiztion in the 1990s. Since joining Second Life in 2006 he became one of the top 25 land barons and developed the first virtual stock exchange, capitalized the first commercial opensim grid, as well as being a pioneer in blockchain technology development. He is currently a Director of the International Spaceflight Museum with facilities in SL and Kitely, and is founder of Galactic Systems and the Galactic Virtual World grid. He cofounded the OMRG earlier this year.

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