Max – New Free Mesh bodies for OpenSim Avatars

Max is the new free mesh body, successor to the RuthAndRoth mesh bodies developed seven years ago. Max has female and male forms that share topology, built specifically to the SL/OS armature, system avatar parameters, and UV map islands. A rough alpha test version of Maxine’s Blend file is available at GitHub/RuthAndRoth now, and we expect a release inworld in OpenSim, February or March 2024. CC-BY 4.0 licensing.


Dec 10 2023


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Ai Austin (Poster Booth #5)
    Ai Austin (Poster Booth #5)

    Ai Austin is the virtual worlds avatar of Austin Tate, Emeritus Professor, AIAI, University of Edinburgh and Coordinator for the Virtual University of Edinburgh.

  • Judith Adele / Ada Radius (Poster Booth #5)
    Judith Adele / Ada Radius (Poster Booth #5)

    Retired CPA, opera singer, fiber artist. I’ve been making character avatars since 2006, rigged mesh since 2010. Co-founder of Avatar Repertory Theater 2007-2017 and AnonLiterary Magazine 2007-2009 with Iain McCracken. Founder of New Media Arts Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity whose mission is virtual community libraries, arts and education, since 2010.

    Organization Members:
    Ada Radius (3D CGI artist, avatar design & rigging);
    Ai Austin (professor emeritus The University of Edinburgh, software engineer, tester);
    Serie Sumei (resource management, scripter, graphics).

  • Serie Sumei
    Serie Sumei

    Serie has developed and managed multiple Open Source software projects and is currently an admin in the RuthAndRoth Github organziation.

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