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MnemoScapes – ForgetMeNot – An ArtWalk On interstellART


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The central spot for the sim environment of interstellART_exhibitions, introduces sometimes collaborative projects of independent artists on the basis of a specific topic and serves sometimes as a creative area for the sim-variations of Asmita Duranjaya.
In the moment the sim basis shows on its 9 regions the exhibition “MnemoScapes – Forget Me Not”.

Asmita explains: “MnemoScapes try to visualize parts of my composite personality, with memories of the past mixed with imaginations and reflections. It is ME, what you see there on each of the 9 regions: DigiScape, LonerScape, CityScape, PalmScape, DesertScape, WinterScape, FractalScape, ForestScape and the CentralScape with my musical background related to Early Music of the Renaissance and the Middles Ages. In correspondence to my own 3D-installations I found a similar intention in the work of 8 other female artists, who work in 2D. They are presented with a link to infos about the person and 3 examples of their work on an easel-display in the CenterScape.”

There is a hud available with elaborated information on each of the 9 Scapes and with a tp to every region of interstellART_exhibitions plus interStellART. In a sky-globe there are more exhibitions of 7 active artists in OS-Grid.



Dec 12 2022


10:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Community Event


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