Educator Meet-Up

A networking meet-up for educators currently using (or interested in using) learning simulations in virtual worlds and/or other XR platforms. Drop by to visit with colleagues, ask a question, share/locate content, and more! The theme for this year’s Educator Meet-Up is networking channels (and is Mastodon the social networking platform educators in OpenSim have been searching for?).

To attend this event, you can Hypergrid into the OSCC grid and go to Map location @ OSCC Expo Zone 3 (76, 66, 25)

You can also register to attend #OSCC22 and get a local account avatar at




Dec 08 2022


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Community Event


  • Kay McLennan (Poster Booth #22)
    Kay McLennan (Poster Booth #22)

    Kay McLennan is a Professor of Practice at the Tulane University School of Professional Advancement. Kay created the Tulane SoPA Metaverse (newly known as the SoPA Metaversity) and has been creating and using virtual world learning simulations in her online economics and business studies courses since 2008. Kay uses student feedback to continually refine and expand the educational simulations she creates to use in her e-courses. She has written about her creation and use of OpenSimulator-based learning simulations – see “Interactivity, Engagement, and Increased Learning Outcomes in 3D Virtual World Educational Simulations” (@, “Prisoners’ Dilemma” simulation use case example (@, and “Data Detectives Game” simulation use case example (@ Also, the video clips from the December 2018 “Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium” event – organized by Kay — can be viewed @


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