Learning to Live on Mars

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Presentation of the International Spaceflight Museum’s Mars Base / Universal Habitat analog astronaut / colonist training facility. Will discuss the features of construction virtually, but will focus on how people interested in either learning more about colonizing Mars, or who want to begin training to colonize the Red Planet at some point in the future, to use the ISMs facility to begin that training process. How the facility portrays three phases of colony construction, how current technologies will be used to realize this construction using In Situ Resource Utilization of resources already present on Mars to drastically reduce the cost of both travel to Mars and to make living on Mars not only survivable, but to grow and thrive into a self sustaining colony capable of making mankind a multiplanetary species.


Dec 11 2021


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Mike Lorrey
    Mike Lorrey

    Mike Lorrey has a long history with virtual worlds. As an editor of the Neal Stephenson Quicksilver Metaweb Wiki, he helped flesh out the virtual world of the novel Snow Crash and other works of fiction by Stephenson, who himself coined the terms “metaverse”, “avatar” and “grid” as applied to VR/VW. A military veteran, Mike was a member of the Extropy Institute which pioneered a lot of early VR concepts. In 2006 he joined Second Life and quickly built one of the largest estates on the grid, developed the first virtual stock exchanges, and was the most frequent guest on the popular TreetTV show, Metanomics. Mike, through his exchange, capitalized the first commercial Opensim grid, Central Grid, and members of his team were part of the original LibSL group that built the tools that made Opensim possible. Mike also has extensive experience in aerospace and currently serves as Chairman of the Exhibits Committee of the International Spaceflight Museum, a Texas based 501c3 nonprofit that has facilities in both SL and the OS grid of Kitely.com.

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