Future SceneGate 2.0

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This presentation from Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA) and Thales Group discusses detailed research and development progress made by student interns, past and present, on the future viewer SceneGate 2.0 project. Areas of investigation include: documenting the viewer source code; exploring use of a more modern rendering engine; streamlining the source code where needed; and updating the development environment.


Dec 12 2021


8:30 am - 9:00 am




  • Alex Raingeval
    Alex Raingeval

    Thales Intern

  • Axelle Salmon
    Axelle Salmon

    I was an intern at Thales Netherlands BV from Sept 2020 to August 2021 and I worked on the upgrade of the Scenegate Viewer’s rendering engine.

  • Frank Rulof
    Frank Rulof

    Frank Rulof is a Senior Systems Engineer at Thales Netherlands with expertise areas in Training & Simulation. He is leading the research and innovation activities related to Open Simulator technology within the Thales Global Company using multiple Open Simulator grids focused on user needs.

  • Gauthier de Monteynard
    Gauthier de Monteynard

    Thalès N.L intern working for Franck Rulof on a new rendering engine for the SG viewer

  • Lisa Laxton
    Lisa Laxton

    Lisa Laxton is the R&D Visionary and CEO of the OpenSimulator community focused foundation Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA). She is also President of Laxton Consulting LLC with experience providing various virtual world technology solutions for education, research, business, and defense clients. You may have seen her around the HyperGrid as Shelenn Ayres busy building content or engaged in testing but she is available via meetings to anyone in the Open Simulator community interested in collaborating to advance virtual worlds technology and/or to improve accessibility.

  • Marion Clement
    Marion Clement

    I was in Thales Netherlands B.V last year and I worked on the update of the rendering engine of the SceneGate viewer. I am currently in the engineering school CPE Lyon.

  • Oscar Chicote-Navas
    Oscar Chicote-Navas

    I am a 22 year old French engineering student working at Thales Netherlands for a year to improve the Scenegate Viewer.

  • Pierre ZROUNBA
    Pierre ZROUNBA

    I am a french student in CPE working at Thales on the scenegate viewer for an internship.

  • Tifenn Fabry
    Tifenn Fabry

    I was an intern at Thales NL last year and I worked on the upgrade of the rendering engine of the Scenegate viewer.

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