Cultivate, Collaborate, Celebrate, & Innovate!

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Cultivate, Collaborate, Celebrate, & Innovate! A panel discussion with team members from IMA/Thales including highlights on hosting OSFest2022 and progress on the Future Viewer Scenegate 2.0 project using GODOT.

This is a Metaverse panel discussion on: cultivating community through collaboration and empowerment; celebrating and welcoming the Hypergrid community as hosts and sponsors of OSFest2022; and innovating with a technology focus on community needs and various use-cases. Technical aspects include: filling gaps in grid/platform development; evaluating the open-source OpenSimulator-NGC project; and reviewing progress made by interns using the open-source GODOT rendering game engine with the Scenegate Viewer codebase. The work of IMA and Thales is in general directed toward broadening the use of the Metaverse for Public, Education, Industry and Government sectors but the community as a whole benefits from open-source.


Dec 11 2022


7:30 am - 8:30 am




Keynote Auditorium


  • Frank Rulof (Poster Booth #4)
    Frank Rulof (Poster Booth #4)

    Frank Rulof is a retired Senior Systems Engineer from Thales Netherlands with expertise areas in Training & Simulation. He led research and innovation activities related to Open Simulator technology within the Thales Global Company using multiple Open Simulator grids focused on user needs. He continues project efforts during his retirement by continuing collaboration with IMA.

  • Lisa Laxton (Poster Booth #4)
    Lisa Laxton (Poster Booth #4)

    Lisa Laxton is the Founder of Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA) and President of Laxton Consulting with experience providing various solutions for education, research, business, and defense clients. You may have seen her around the Hyperverse as Shelenn Ayres busy building content or engaged in testing but she is available via meetings to anyone in the Open Simulator community interested in collaborating to advance virtual worlds technology and/or to improve accessibility by design.

  • zz Alex Raingeval
    zz Alex Raingeval

    Thales Intern

  • zz Gauthier de Monteynard
    zz Gauthier de Monteynard

    Thalès N.L intern working for Franck Rulof on a new rendering engine for the SG viewer

  • zz Oscar Chicote-Navas
    zz Oscar Chicote-Navas

    I am a 22 year old French engineering student working at Thales Netherlands for a year to improve the Scenegate Viewer.

  • zz Troy Schultz / Seth Nygard
    zz Troy Schultz / Seth Nygard

    Troy Schultz (Seth Nygard) is a multidiscipline developer with 30+ years experience in real-time systems for industrial, automotive, and other critical environments. He has worked in the roles of Senior Hardware Designer, Senior Systems Administrator, Engineering Manager, and Chief Technology Officer at various companies and was the owner/operator of Refuge Grid. Combining a keen interest in virtual worlds with his professional experiences, he has been an active builder, tester, and developer using Open Simulator.

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