Creating Music with AI

DJ Kathryn Yer shares with us how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like and ChatGPT to write music with lyrics in various styles. Learn some tips on how to best write AI prompts with proper syntax as she also shares some of the lessons she has learned in composing music using AI an instruments. We anticipate this workshop to be conducted in Zoom Meetings, though that may change.

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Dec 18 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




  • DJ Kathryn Yer
    DJ Kathryn Yer

    Having worked for many years as a DJ in RL, Kat brought her love of music and Irish charm to virtual worlds. She is also quite the 3D modelor, game designer, coder, and builder with that unique sense of humor and personality like no other. You can catch Kat’s shows at the 381 Club in sinespace where this witch from Northern Ireland spins tunes three times a week from 6-8 pm Eastern Time on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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