AvaCon OSCC23 Holiday Party

Join the AvaCon staff for a holiday party and post conference appreciation.

This is a chance for final end-of-year networking with other #OSCC23 attendees. You can also find out about the events, resources, and programs AvaCon offers, including the Free Virtual Land for Social Good Community.

Tuesday December 19, 2023 2:00pm – 3:30pm PST
On the Avacon grid

Hypergrid Address hop://grid.avacon.org:8002/Avacon Plaza/135/186/28

  • Mature Rating Appropriate for All Ages (G)
  • Public or Invitation Only Open to All
  • Region Name Staff Zone
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Images of AvaCon holiday party 2019 by Alba Rocca


Dec 19 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Community Event


Avacon Grid Plaza


  • Dave Fliesen / Sun Tzu
    Dave Fliesen / Sun Tzu

    David is a Character Creator, MOCAP and iClone MOCAP Animator, Unity Game Designer, and Metaverse Consultant in the area of Charleston, South Carolina. His past work has included game-based design for the military and designing an undergraduate course on virtual worlds for Rasmussen College. He is a digital aborigine, who aspires to find new, innovative, and creative ways to use gaming and virtual world technologies to make the world a better place.
    – Portfolio: http://character-animator.weebly.com/

  • James Lloyd / James Atlloud
    James Lloyd / James Atlloud

    AvaCon volunteer staff member and fan of Open Simulator. Also does a weekly webcast with Mal Burns.

  • Jeroen Frans / Frans Charming
    Jeroen Frans / Frans Charming

    AvaCon staff member for many years.

  • Joyce Bettencourt / Rhiannon Chatnoir
    Joyce Bettencourt / Rhiannon Chatnoir
    AvaCon, Inc., Co-Founder

    Joyce Bettencourt is co-founder and Vice President of AvaCon, Inc.(https://avacon.org), a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to promoting the growth, enhancement, and development of the metaverse, virtual worlds, augmented reality and 3D immersive spaces. AvaCon were organizers of 2010 in Boston & 2011 in Oakland Second Life Community Convention, the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds virtual workshops, and the ongoing OpenSimulator Community Conference. AvaCon also currently fiscally sponsors the nonprofit community of practice, Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, where Joyce has been a community leader and host of weekly Friday meetings.

    In addition, she is Creative Director of The Vesuvius Group (http://thevesuviusgroup.com), a collaborative studio specializing in developing online immersive and social environments for community-building. Joyce is a 2012 graduate of the Singularity University Graduate Studies program, focused on applying exponential technologies to addressing Global Grand Challenges.

    Previously she was digital media producer for the Online Leadership Program at the educational nonprofit Global Kids and helped produce digital media learning content including the Second Life Curriculum, many virtual and physical world events, and the social issue game CONSENT! As her avatar Rhiannon Chatnoir, she has organized numerous social good online events, including the Virtual Haiti Relief campaign within the virtual world of Second Life that helped raise awareness and $10,000 USD in virtual micro transactions.


  • Michael Bailey / Marcus Llewelyn
    Michael Bailey / Marcus Llewelyn

    Michael Bailey has been working with technology for the past 24 years. Originally a programmer, he discovered Second Life in 2007, and then became invested in the OpenSimulator project in 2009. Since then, he has acquired expertise scripting and building in virtual environments, as well as familiarity with the OpenSimulator software and it’s configuration. As an open source advocate, he makes heavy use of tools such as Blender and Open Broadcaster Studio. He’s streamed for the OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC) since 2014. He was instrumental in the OSCC 2016 live streaming setup, coordination, training, and A/V promotional materials. Currently a staff member at AvaCon Inc., he is dedicated to promoting projects for social good by means of video tutorials, presentations on useful software, and content creation.

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