Art is art is art, BUT?

In virtual realities I’ve come to realize that the painters in real time do not hold a substantial position in the metaverse, but rather the graphic artist, virtual photographer, the digital artist, and word smith who plays with AI generated images are embraced as the “real” artists. What impact does this really have on the art communities of virtual worlds and how does this affect real painters? What is or should be classified as virtual art? Should there be a solid division between virtual art and real-world art? What about the virtual avatar who creates a solely virtual art career for themselves? Fact or fiction? Is it inherently dangerous for a real painter to turn to a virtual world as a forum for their art? These are questions as an artist I have been exploring and to which I share my own answers.

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Dec 10 2022


9:30 am - 10:00 am




Keynote Auditorium


  • Kisma Reidling / Juliette SurrealDreaming
    Kisma Reidling / Juliette SurrealDreaming

    Kisma shares her experience from a totally real life based painter to an art teacher using Zoom and now using the Metaverse. Learn the trials and outcomes she has gone through over the last 19 months in virtual art communities and how being a non-digital artist has impacted her full acceptance as a virtual artist, how do we overcome such a bias?

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