Organizing Committee Member Information

Ideally this would be the number where we can reach you during the conference in the event of an emergency. Please include Country Code and Area Code.

We use many Google Apps in organizing the conference, so Gmail email address are preferred. Please proof your email address since all communications will be sent to this address!

We use Skype both for informal backchannel conversation during the planning stages, and as a critical part of our communication and management infrastructure during the conference event. Please create a Skype account if you don't have one, and enter your Skype username here.

Please enter your Twitter URL in the format - this makes it easier for us copying and pasting later!

Add a link to your preferred G+ profile.

What collaboration tools would you prefer to use as part of our conference organizing and planning. Note that Google Docs and Skype are NOT optional. 😉

Please upload a high resolution head shot photo of yourself or your avatar. Please, no abstract screenshots. This is the image that will go into the conference program and website, so it MUST be a color photograph at least 300 dpi and 300px by 400px.
Please enter a brief professional biography about yourself, no more than 2-3 sentences long. This is the bio information that will be included in the conference program and website. For examples, see the staff page on this website.
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