Thank you for supporting the OpenSimulator Community Conference!  We are tremendously grateful for your support!

Tax Deductible Donation

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law for US Residents, minus the amount of any tangible benefits.  In addition to the confirmation email receipt you should receive from PayPal, AvaCon will also send proof of your donation to the email address you provided in a format suitable for your tax records.  This receipt will show the final amount of your tax deductible donation, minus the amount of any tangible benefits you may have received with your benefits package.

When Will I Receive My Benefits?

The answer depends upon which package you selected!

  • Supporters at all levels will have their name listed on the conference website shortly after your payment is received.  Check the website often to see your name added to the list!
  • Most packages that include virtual benefits such as the “virtual brick” in the Community Pathway and a special group tag for packages included in the Community Supporter benefits, or exclusive VIP sessions for the Exclusive Access package, will receive their benefits at the start of the conference.
  • If the package you selected includes benefits at the Early Bird Special level, you will receive some benefits prior to the conference – that’s why it’s called the Early Bird Special after all!  This includes early access to the conference grid, and following the conference, early access to download special content from the conference.
  • If you selected the Community Booth package, you will receive more information via email about setting up your conference booth well before the conference.  All conference booths must be built and completed by October 31, 2014 (NO EXCEPTIONS!), so keep an eye on your email for instructions and more information soon!
  • Those who selected the Prim Club, OpenSimulator Evangelist package, or the Hippo Club package will receive their physical items following the conference.  While we know it’s hard to wait so long, doing so allows us to wait until all orders are in to take best advantage of bulk pricing for the physical items to be shipped to your location.  We hope the wait will make the reward all the sweeter!  Of course all of the virtual benefits included in these packages will be received as described above.

I still have questions about my benefits package

If you have other questions about your benefits package, please feel free to email us at and we will do our best to help.

Thanks Again!

Thank you again for your generous donation.  We simply could not produce the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2017 without your support!

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