HyperGrid Tour & Learning Resources

OSCC Expo 2 Region (Hypergrid address: http://cc.opensimulator.org:8002/)

Visit OSCC Expo Zone 2 for the HyperGrid Tour & Resources section of the conference. There you will find step by step help on how to HyperGrid if you aren’t familiar with jumping from one OpenSImulator grid to another grid world, as well as helpful website links, and a curated collection of HyperGrid landmarks for those more experienced to explore the interconnected OpenSimulator metaverse. OSCC will also feature a special HyperGrid Tour, that will take attendees on a guided tour of several OpenSimulator grid location that offer up amazing creations and experiences. The OpenSimulator Community Conference HyperGrid Tour featuring a hands-on HyperGrid workshop and trip where attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to grid jump ‘by yourself’ – not just walking through a HyperGrid portal but coming to grips with the Map and the grid URI.