This year’s OpenSimulator Community Conference includes a quest to test your knowledge and encourage exploration of the open Metaverse – and have fun.

Your mission, should you be brave enough to accept it, is to find 12 hexagon-shaped game tokens across 7 sims while matching your MetaKnowledge for prizes. Look for the Adventure Hippo to begin your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A1 – They are hidden on Expo Zone 1, Expo Zone 2, Expo Zone 3, Expo Zone 4, Expo Zone 5, Shopping Zone, and the Sandbox. Landmarks are included in the notecard from the Adventure Hippo.

A2 – The quest provides players multiple chances to get the right answer. The hippo would much rather see you earn prizes and have fun.

A3 – Yes!  The last prize is a full permissions copy of the game, so you can make your own games and modifications!

A4. Yes, your quest prizes can be taken from the OSCC grid and brought to other Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim grids.

To do this, you will need to put items into your “My Suitcase” folder in your Inventory before you teleport to another grid.

If this is your first time using the Hypergrid, then you might want to log off and log back on in order to see your “My Suitcase” folder in your Inventory, after your first journey in the hypergrid. Open your map view on the OSCC grid and enter in the URI of the grid you wish to reach. You can find Login URIs for many grids on the OpenSim Grid List: Teleport to the other grid where you already have an avatar and then pass full perm items along to your other avatar.

To return back to the OSCC grid with an OSCC avatar, simply return to home.

A5 – There are 12 prize packs (one inside each game token) with some “out of this world” items donated by Nebadon (Michael Emory Cerquoni) and Alexis List. We also want to thank the various content creators (with original URLs placed in the item description fields) for creating such wonderful items and for sharing them as open source assets on places like Google Warehouse. And, we are giving away a game pack as one of the 12 prizes to help others jumpstart their own quests and games.  We look forward to seeing your games in the future across the grid!

Below are some photos of the wonderful things you can earn for playing the OpenMetaQuest.