Virtual Vignette & The Animaster: Unleashing the Power of Animesh in OpenSim for Education and Entertainment

An engaging and informative presentation that delves into the exciting yet underutilized world of Animesh in OpenSim. It showcases how this technology can be a game-changer in both educational and entertainment contexts. The presentation combines insights, examples, and real In-world applications. By the end of this presentation, the audience will have a clear understanding of how Animesh, along with the new Animesh System “The Animaster” can enhance teaching methods and create more engaging and enjoyable experiences for learners and entertainment enthusiasts alike. They will leave with a newfound appreciation for the potential of this technology and how it can be harnessed for both learning and fun.


Dec 09 2023


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Bruce Gross / Cooper Swizzle (Poster Booth #13)
    Bruce Gross / Cooper Swizzle (Poster Booth #13)

    Bruce became drawn to 3D Virtual Immersive Environments for training after being introduced to them at a professional association meeting for trainers. Bruce realized they created opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous trainings for learners, and offered a very cost-effective solution for companies utilizing them. He realized that 3D environments enabled better engagement for learners, and began implementing use of 3D Environments as replacements for PowerPoint slides in webinars (where he had attendees watch via the webinar screen as he explored the topics in the 3D world). And he was able to convince the company leadership to try a pilot program using 3D worlds for training as a substitute for the expensive face-to-face, week-long training marathons that had been a staple of the company leadership development.

    After completing the highly successful pilot 3D leadership training series, he was able to continue and expand the 3D course offerings and subsequently ran a 5-year 3D-based training program before retiring from the company. Holding certifications in DDI®️, Forte®️, and 3D Virtual Worlds from the University of Washington (2012), Bruce brings a broad spectrum of experience in training and enjoys using and sharing knowledge gained from his 15+plus years of training experience.

  • Kimm Starr (Poster Booth #18)
    Kimm Starr (Poster Booth #18)

    Kimm Starr is the creator of the OpenSim Brand “Virtual Vignette” Animesh found on the Kitely and Second Life Market. Kimm is an Artist in RL and has over 30 years of experience in Graphic & Visual Art. She became interested in 3d art after joining Second Life in 2007 and tries to find innovative ways to create worlds in OpenSim.

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