Open Metaverse Panel

Panel discussion moderated by Mal Burns.

Expected panelists:

Adam Frisby

Evo Heyning

Jesse Alton

Josephine Dorado

more to come…


Dec 10 2022


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Mal Burns (Poster Booth #2)
    Mal Burns (Poster Booth #2)

    Mal Burns is host of the “Inworld Review” – a weekly news and discussion program mostly focused on the hypergrid which has been running for over 15 years. Mal has used virtual environments for nearly two decades, is concerned about user interfaces in general and has a wealth of media and design experience behind him. In the organic sphere he is now retired and uses his experience to deploy and promote immersive spaces. He also has a twitter stream (@malburns) which provides news links on a daily basis.

  • zz Adam Frisby
    zz Adam Frisby

    Adam is a 23 year veteran virtual world developer, and one of the original developers of OpenSimulator. Today he’s building a next-gen platform at Sine Wave Entertainment building Sinespace and Breakroom.

  • zz Evo Heyning
    zz Evo Heyning

    Evo Heyning has been creating immersive experiences that bridge real and virtual worlds for more than 20 years. As an interactive showrunner and production strategist Evo aligns a wide variety of media projects ranging from the Affordable Care Act public campaign to producing more than 500 hours of livestreaming and virtual events during the pandemic. Her work focuses on metaverse media and the creative potential of interactive, participatory, volumetric and virtual production to change our shared experiences. Evo shapes the future of the open spatial web to connect people through collaborative technologies through her company Playable Agency, providing early stage production strategy and creative worldbuilding that expand reality. Evo serves as co-chair of Open Metaverse Interoperability Community Group, a cross-industry network of collaborators working on independent R&D toward a more effective public meta commons.

  • zz Jesse Alton / Mr Metaverse
    zz Jesse Alton / Mr Metaverse

    Hello, I’m Jesse Alton. I founded a little community of open Metaverse evangelists called AngellXR, and co-founded the Open Metaverse Interoperability group –

  • zz Josephine Funksoup / Josephine Dorado
    zz Josephine Funksoup / Josephine Dorado

    Josephine Dorado is an award-winning developer, designer and educator with a focus on immersive learning and social impact. With a portfolio that has garnered multiple Fulbright awards and a MacArthur Foundation award in Digital Media & Learning, her work concentrates on innovation in virtual reality and extended reality (VR/XR) experiences with a lens toward learning. She is currently a Senior XR Analyst for Fairbanks Morse Defense, working with mixed reality 3D technology that enables users across the oceans to learn and access live support through augmented reality and real-time data mapped from physical engines to digital twins. Previously, she worked with the World Health Organization on their Mass Casualty Augmented Reality Experience (MCARE), as well as their online learning experience platform, WHO Academy. Josephine was also a former professor of media studies at The New School, where she taught courses on virtual learning environments. In the early 2000s, she created Kidz Connect, a virtual cultural exchange program that connected youth internationally through creative collaboration and theatrical performance in virtual worlds. Her speaking engagements include Talks @ Google, TEDxFulbright, SXSW, IgniteNYC and SIGGRAPH.

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