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Matrix Game System for Team Play in Immersive 3D Worlds


This presentation will highlight the creation and use of a matrix game system for team play in immersive 3D worlds. Presenters will describe how the matrix game system is designed for supporting team play by offering a framework for using a narrative methodology among teams. The immersive 3D world matrix game system is designed to serve many purposes and methods for game play among teams. For example, the system can support matrix games as part of the experiential learning cycles for learning about complexity and to generate new insights informing strategies for addressing complexity.


Dec 11 2022


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm




Keynote Auditorium


  • Andrew Stricker / Spinoza Quinnell (Poster Booth #3)
    Andrew Stricker / Spinoza Quinnell (Poster Booth #3)

    Andrew Stricker serves as an innovation and strategy analyst for LeMay Center at Air University. Previously, Dr. Stricker served Vanderbilt University as associate provost for innovation through technology. He has also served 27 years as an Air Force officer and scientist specializing in learning sciences and human-factors engineering. His research is focused on modeling adaptive expertise and the design of learning technologies. His graduate work was conducted at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas and Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Cynthia Calongne / Lyr Lobo (Poster Booth #3)
    Cynthia Calongne / Lyr Lobo (Poster Booth #3)
    OSCC Co-Chair, Professor

    Lyr is a Professor at Parker University in Dallas, Texas and a VR researcher. Since 2005, she taught 54 university classes in virtual worlds and mentored 800+ 13-year-old students. Her team won the $25,000 Grand Prize for their space simulation and she received the Thinkerer Award for her passion for virtual world education. She loves OpenSimulator and is proud to be a member of the OSCC Organizing Committee.

  • Francisca Yonekura / Frankie Antonelli (Poster Booth #3)
    Francisca Yonekura / Frankie Antonelli (Poster Booth #3)

    Frankie comes from the higher education world where she specializes in instructional systems and emerging technologies in support of learning. Frankie is also known to be a curious traveler immersed in virtual worlds for empowering learning experiences in the company of kindred spirits.

  • JJ Jacobson / JJ Drinkwater (Poster Booth #3)
    JJ Jacobson / JJ Drinkwater (Poster Booth #3)
    Sci-Fi Librarian

    JJ Drinkwater is a Virtual Librarian in a Real World, or a Real Librarian in a Virtual World, or both, or neither. Curatorial experience includes the real & imaginary 19th c, American Culinary History, and Speculative Fiction. Current research is Interactive/Immersive/Improvisatory Narrative in Virtual Environments.

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