Hypergrid Safari Four Region Tour

A whirlwind tour of four art venues in Opensim, this year’s HG Safari Tour for the OSCC is a Special Event taking you to OSgrid, Pangea, Kitely and Craft.
You will see the work of Ellen Tiratzo and Ernest Moncreiff, Karima Hoisan and Dale innes, Tosha Tyran, and Nyx Breen.

These visits provide just a taster of a much larger body of work in each case. The idea is to spend just 20 minutes at each destination. When you return to the Expo Center, you can pick up all the information and LMs for the many other regions and projects these artists are working on – plus a special commemorative gift.

How does the tour work?
1. Come to Expo Zone 2 and find the Hypergrid Expo area. It’s the one with all the colors!
2. Pick up the Landmarks and Information from the box.
3. IF YOU HAVE AN OSCC GRID AVATAR: Open your Inventory. Make sure you put the Landmarks/Info in your ‘My Suitcase’ Folder. When you jump to another grid, only items in your Suitcase travel with you.
4. Read the very short Notecard, it tells you about the places you are going to see.
5. Choose which place you would like to see first, there is no specific order in which you should visit them.
6. Use the colored portals to quickly jump to your first destination.
7. Meet the artist, enjoy their art. Each venue will give you a 20 minute preview of the artist’s work.
8. Use the Landmarks you received at the start point to move from one destination to the next, and so on, until you have been to all four. Can’t find your Landmarks? Safari Guides are present at every destination to help you on your way.
9. Use the Landmark to teleport back to the Hypergrid Expo on the OSCC grid, and pick up your Special Gift, and much more information about the wonderful places to visit across opensim!





Dec 11 2022


11:00 am - 1:00 pm




OSCC Expo Zone 2


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