Blender Bytes Class

Learn Blender one Byte at a time.This class happens almost every Wednesday morning at 9:30AM. The Wednesday before and after OSCC will have a special class done in conjunction with my talk “Animesh is Coming!” at OSCC. I will do a “speed build” showing all the steps in Blender to build and animate an animesh object for OpenSim. (Animesh is the ability to make mesh objects that can be animated the way avatars are). Class is given in voice with a shared Blender screen you can see in-world or on your external browser.

HyperGrid URL

Website to Create a Local Account

Region Name

  • Spirit Rock Ranch

Map Coordinates

  • 471/1517/104

Parcel/Venue Name

  • Pangaea

Any other instructions for attendees?

  • Discovery Grid requires HG visitors to accept a TOS, come early to get that over with. Come early to make sure you can find the region. Come early to make sure your voice is working. Come early to make sure the media-on-a-prim big screen works for you. COME EARLY (or the day before to get all that out of the way!)

Event Time: 9:30 am PST


Dec 15 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am


Community Event


  • Kayaker Magic
    Kayaker Magic

    Kayaker Magic brought more than 4 decades of RL programming experience to writing scripted objects for OpenSim. He teaches classes every week on using the 3D modeling program Blender to create objects in-world. He has been learning how to use animesh to increase the functionality of objects while decreasing their lag on systems.

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