Workshop: Making Clothing in Virtual Worlds

Based on the OSCC 2022 presentation, “Making Clothing in Virtual Worlds”, this workshop will allow attendees to practice editing and creating system clothing. A professional appearance for your avatar is essential for educators networking in virtual worlds. The focus is on traditional (non-mesh) avatars, but system clothing can also be worn by BOM-enabled mesh avatars. This workshop will combine screen-sharing and voice in Zoom with inworld practice with the Firestorm viewer on the OSCC Sandbox.

The original presentation may be viewed here:

You may register with either your physical world name OR your avatar name.

How to Attend

This workshop will be held in Zoom and we are asking that attendees register using this link:

Event Time: 1 PM PST


Dec 19 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




  • Beth Ghostraven (Poster Booth #8)
    Beth Ghostraven (Poster Booth #8)

    Beth Ghostraven has been playing around with her appearance in virtual worlds since 2010. Tired of hunting for non-skanky clothing to wear to meetings and events, she started designing system and prim clothing for educators and other professionals. Her clothing is available FREE at the Ghostraven Professional Attire shop at OSCC, in Region 5.

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