Arcadia Asylum Hypergrid Tour, Friday

Tour the new grid special-built to preserve the wonderful works of Arcadia Asylum.

Gather at speaker booth 05 (The Aquatic Circus Tent) in region Expo Zone 3 /100/38/25 for an LM to the new grid.
Or just HG to

Grid website:


Region: Welcome (128/128/21)


Dec 08 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Community Event


  • Mike Higgins / Kayaker Magic (Poster Booth #5)
    Mike Higgins / Kayaker Magic (Poster Booth #5)

    After 4 decades of writing code in the Real World, Kayaker Magic has been scripting in virtual worlds since 2008. By taking apart items made by Arcadia Asylum, Kayaker learned a great deal about building vehicles in OpenSim, animating, 3D modeling, UV mapping, texture mapping and efficient mesh. He wants to preserve Arcadia’s work so others can learn these lessons as well.

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