december, 2020

06dec4:00 pm4:30 pmFeaturedConnecting During Covid: Unlocking a High School Prom In OpenSim4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Keynote Auditorium

Speakers for this event

  • Randall Deich / Logansan Deich

    Randall Deich / Logansan Deich

    Randall is a results-driven program manager and instructional designer with success in developing effective learning experiences. As co-founder and Chief Networking Officer of ReGenerate Tech, Randall partners with industry professionals to develop leaning pathways for underserved students.


  • Tanya Martin / Gridjumper

    Tanya Martin / Gridjumper

    Tanya Is an online gamer, former Computer Science teacher and professional development professional. “Grid Jumper” has been exploring, learning and playing in the virtual world for almost 12 years. Tanya is on the ReGenerate Tech Board, working to promote authentic experiences for students in the community.

Event Details

2020 brought us a terrible pandemic but an opportunity to provide high school students with an alternative form of interaction and productive participation. Hear how high school students participated and benefitted from a virtual prom on Avacon Grid and how a group of educators, in multiple remote geographic locations, volunteered their time and skills to make it happen.