december, 2020

05dec8:30 am9:00 amFeaturedSenses Places Collaboration 10th Anniversary: An Evolving Transdisciplinary Multidimensional Mixed-Reality Participatory Performance Environment8:30 am - 9:00 am Keynote Auditorium

Speakers for this event

  • Isabel Valverde / Butler2 Evelyn

    Isabel Valverde / Butler2 Evelyn

    Isabel Valverde is a transdisciplinary artist researcher from Portugal. Starts experimental solo and co-creative collaborative performance art-dance work since 1986. PhD in Dance Theory and History (UCR, 2004), MA in Interdisciplinary Arts (IAC/SFSU), New Dance (SNDD/AHK) and Dance (FMH/UTL). Isabel’s doctoral thesis, Interfacing Dance and Technology: a theoretical framework for performance in the digital domain, has been translated to Portuguese and published by FCG/FCT (2010). Her postdoctoral research on Dances and Technologies engaged somatic based performance within hybrid embodied interactions and the continuum of actualization and virtualization, at the CAT/IHSIS, Centre for Arts and Technologies/Institute for Human Studies and Intelligent Sciences, and VIMMI/INESC-ID (Visualization and Intelligent MultiModal Interfaces Group). Associate researcher at GAIPS/INESC-ID (Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters’ Group) and CIAC/UAberta, continues cross-disciplinary practice based artistic research on Somatic-Technological Dance through co-creative collaborations on mixed-reality corporealities participatory environments and cultures, including virtual and physical characters (avatars and robots NAO and Baxter) and multitude of interfaces with Metaverse platforms. Senses Places (w/ Todd Cochrane, Ana Moura, Liz Solo, Yukihiko Yoshida, SaveMe Oh, Isaura Seppi, etal.), Blind Date (w/ Yiannis Melanitis). Lecturer and facilitator of workshops on soma-tech dances and CI. Co-founder of Posthuman Corporealities - Network Encounter and T.A.L..


  • Kae Ishimoto

    Kae Ishimoto

    Kae Ishimoto started her dance career in 2002, working with choreographer Akiko Kitamura, then became a member of Co. Un Yamada. She has worked with many international artists such as Yuri Ng (Hong Kong), dreamthinkspeak (UK), Amareya Theater (Poland) and Japanese companies such as Pappa tarahumara and Toshiki Okada of Chelfitsch. She began her Butoh dance career under Yukio Waguri and has worked with Natsu Nakajima, Yoshito Ohno, Moe Yamamoto and Minako Seki, among others. In 2011, she performed a solo Butoh dance “Transformation Girl” using the Hijikata method of butoh, in 8 countries in Asia and Europe. Through these diverse performing opportunities, she is attempting to construct an original, genre-less expression that synthesizes various elements and traditions of dance. She and her company Wangnin Bunmei were invited to 21 countries in Asia, Europe and US. As the director of “Perspectives On Hijikata Research Collective (POHRC)”, with Rosa van Hensbergen, she has organized intensive workshops and events in Japan and UK for 7 years, and has been invited as a Butoh teacher to 13 countries such as Hong Kong, Bali and Mexico. Since 2020, she is the current director of Tatsumi Hijikata Archive in Keio University Art Center.

  • Todd Cochrane / Toddles Lightworker

    Todd Cochrane / Toddles Lightworker

    Dr Todd Cochrane is an educator in Information Technology and a software developer for science and art research. He discovers new opportunities, seeds projects, and develops at the leading edge of technology for education. An honours level programmer with a PhD in Education Technology (University of Canterbury, NZ, 2019), he is constantly curious and developing various systems to understand how to transfer technology to learners. Todd facilitates the transfer of technological skills and develops educational opportunities. He is an experienced leader and participant in several technical educational initiatives, teaching, and writing course prescriptions, and managed commercial projects, defined terms of reference, information technology consulting and software development. He is expert in the application of virtual worlds in education and vocational training. Todd is at the forefront of this field developing protocols and building interfaces to create useful 3D environments for vocational training environments. Through educational design-based research has developed a methodological model for building 3D Multiuser Virtual Environments (MUVE), expressed in virtual worlds, for use in classroom-based Interventions in vocational education. This emerging field is important because it allows a safe, simulated, environment to use all learners’ senses to enhance their education experience. Senior Lecturer in Digital Technology, NMIT.

Event Details

In this year of celebration of the 10th anniversary of Senses Places, we propose a mixed format panel with main collaborators. focusing on the key aspects/situations developed throughout experimental and experiential research in several artistic, technological and academic on Second Live and Metaverse events and publications. But we will be primarily performing together engaging with animations and person-avatar dance interfacing developed and shared with a suggested score to connect with it all.