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“La Traversée du langage” -in french- is a three-act play written especially for OSGrid. It is not theater to watch from a sitting room, but a narrative experience to be lived through your avatar. 

The subject is language and its effects on humanity. The text is presented as an interior monologue in which a female voice and a male voice are mixing each other, on the model of the stream of consciousness as in Virginia Woolf or James Joyce, for example. A text that is at the same time philosophical, dreamlike, mythological, even mystical, and woven from multiple references to other works, novels, films, or mythological characters like Ulysses or Oedipus. A text that the scenario of building inworld and the music of the words in audio underline to facilitate the feeling, the emotions … 

It is a journey through the three acts in a stage set that always seems the same but whose animations each time different make you feel what the text tells. The first act is called: “The waves. Traversing vibrations ”, it evokes the emergence of life and then of articulated language. The second: “The mirrors. Traversing representations “, evokes the illusions engendered by images and writing. The third: “The clocks. Traversing the Worlds “evokes the folly of imagining the world as a book and books as worlds. 

The decor is inspired by a film, L’Année dernière à Marienbad, by filmmaker Alain Resnais, one of the representatives of the late 1950’s French cinema movement called the New Wave.  


About the developers and Opensim users, what we are submitting here is how we were able to use more features than usual for a multimedia immersive art creation: 

What we used :  

– Audio: For the 3 acts, the voices were recorded with professional equipment then files recorded in mp3 format are placed on the 3 parcels.  

Other local sounds are looped or feet touched .wav files in scripted prims – Moap and Youtube script 

– Animated poses and script 

– Animated Gif 

– TP without touch script 

– Particules scripts


Dec 06 2020


5:00 am - 6:00 am


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