december, 2020

05dec10:00 am11:00 amFeaturedFacilitating content production and consumption in 3D virtual worlds, lessons learned.Panel Discussion10:00 am - 11:00 am Keynote Auditorium

Speakers for this event

  • Ann Nowak

    Ann Nowak

    Ann is a language teacher at university and secondary school in Germany, she has got an M.A. in linguistics. She is an expert in Blended & Hybrid Learning. Ann's work in SL, Open Sim and VR includes teacher training, moderating and presenting at conferences. She has worked on various projects for education in VW's. Ann's tasks in VWs include developping syllabi, teaching English, Spanish, German and methodology, making machinima and creating interactive scenes for education (history, anthropology, story telling and languages) at virtual museums and schools.

  • John Mela

    John Mela

    Professional developer since 1981. Developing in virtual worlds since 2007, currently focussed entirely on RezMela platform on OpenSim.

  • Kevin Cozens / Andrew Hellershanks

    Kevin Cozens / Andrew Hellershanks

    OpenSimulator Core Developer

    Kevin has been coding for open-source projects since 1992 including being a member of the OpenSimulator Core Developer team since March of 2014, and created, or maintains several add-on modules including the OpenSimSearch (, OpenSimProfile (, and OpenSimMutelist ( modules which are used with the Open Simulator project. You can also find him reporting bugs, bug triaging, updating the OpenImulator project wiki pages, and helping users via IRC or the mailing list. Kevin also runs the OpenSimulator developer meetings held weekly in OSgrid ( You can view his code contributions: or support him by becoming a Patreon donor to the work he does on open-source code projects:


    OpenSimulator Core Developer

  • Ludovic Lotoah

    Ludovic Lotoah

    We develop tools and content for opensim. Our tools allow and support creators to build interactive worlds and content in an easy way. Saving the user's creations and bringing production tools in opensim are just a few aspects of RezMela products.

  • Ramesh Ramloll

    Ramesh Ramloll

    CEO/CTU DeepSemaphore LLC

    Rameshsharma Ramloll currently leads DeepSemaphore LLC, an E-Learning and Simulation Solutions company.


    CEO/CTU DeepSemaphore LLC

  • Sue Caxton

    Sue Caxton

Event Details

Our group has been developing applications for the Opensim virtual world platform for a number of years. We describe our goals, the design approaches that emerged, and our development processes. We share the best of our lessons learned. These stories from the trenches will be useful to individuals who (1) are interested in the behind the scenes aspects of our effort, (2) are looking into starting their own adventure in developing serious virtual world applications or (3) are interested in how we are facilitating virtual learning environments.