Kith Whitehawk

Welcome to Wyldwood Bayou, home of the Blues Tribe and Rockin’ the Blues!! We are in the heart of the Louisiana bayou, offering a hangout that is peaceful, drama free and abounds with fun, friends and fabulous Blues!! You’ll hear many genres of blues here including blues rock, electric, old school and contemporary; our awesome DJs will help you fall in love with all of them! We’re open 24/7 playing great blues music radio when not spinning live! Our events run Friday through Monday nights beginning at 6:00 PM PST.

We also host the Ravenquest and Isles of Myst Medi/Fantasy roleplay groups.

Our goal since our inception is to provide our “Tribe” members and visitors with a fun, safe and entertaining place to party, relax, and make new friends! Rockin’ the Blues was established in Inworldz in 2013 by Kira Whitehawk. Kith and Kira brought us to the Opensim in 2018 when Inworldz closed. Kira left this Earth in January of 2019 but remains in the hearts of her Tribe and the Bayou.

Kith and the RTB Staff endeavor to continue Kira’s vision by bringing you the best blues, a safe and inclusive atmosphere where all are welcome to enjoy great blues, build lasting friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s all “Keep on playing the blues” (Kira Whitehawk).

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